Animal Consultations

Bach Flower Consultations for Animals


Bach Flower Consultation for Animals, by Email.


The consultation is beneficial for animals who are dealing with emotional tumults.


The Bach Flower Remedies can heal all emotional imbalances; such as, aggression, fears, jealousy, needy, separation anxiety and more.


- I would like to know what you expect to get out of the consultation.


- What animal do you have? Age, male/female


- How long have it lived with you?


- What is going on in your animals life that has caused the distress or problem?

- What do you think is causing the problems?


- When did it start?


- How is your pet with you and family members?


- How is your pet with other pets or people?


- The more information the better...


Please give me as much information as possible, I might ask you more questions until I have a good idea on what is going on in your animals life.


Then you’ll receive a personalized list of suggested Bach Flower Remedies and what to expect in the healing process.

You will also receive 1 month of free follow up.

Receive a 10% Discount on your next order



Bettina Dolz Rasmussen

Bach Flower Practitioner








Email Consultations


Single Animal $ 45.00

Multiple Animals $ 65.00


Send an Email to request the consultation and the description on the issues you have with your animal or animals.


You will received a PayPal request and the Consultation will be begin


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